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Her Twin Baby Secret Sneak Peek

When I posted about HER TWIN BABY SECRET on Twitter, a lot of people seemed into it. I think it’s partly that people love the enemies-to-lovers trope, and partly because they love the idea of this trope playing out between two rival restaurant owners. Or maybe it’s because I put these two in the worst position enemies-to-lovers could be in? They have to compete for a chef while pretending to be in a relationship. Did I mention my heroine is pregnant? With twins? And that it’s an added complication to the fake relationship?

Well, now that you have all the pivotal information, here’s a sneak peek from Chapter One of HER TWIN BABY SECRET!

‘Oh,’ Alexa said flatly. ‘It’s you.’

Benjamin Foster couldn’t help the laugh that rumbled in his chest. ‘Yes, it’s me.’

Alexa Moore, owner of the elite Infinity restaurant, and the woman who probably hated him more than anyone else in the world, glowered.

‘You need to stop following me.’

‘I’m not following you,’ he denied.

‘Are you sure? You seem to be everywhere I am.’

‘Because we’re in the same business.’

Her eyes stopped scanning the room and settled on him. Sharpened. ‘You’re here to offer Cherise de Bruyn a job.’

He tilted his head. ‘How did you know?’

‘You think I didn’t hear about Victor Fourie being poached from In the Rough?’ She smiled, but it wasn’t friendly. ‘It’s terrible when karma does her thing, isn’t it?’

‘I’m not sure why she would get involved.’

She gave him a look. He allowed himself a small smile.

‘Fine, I do know.’ A few seconds passed. Something cleared in his brain. ‘You’re here to offer Cherise a job, too.’

She responded by ignoring him. He shouldn’t have wanted to smile. It seemed rude to since he was the reason she had to offer Cherise a job. She hadn’t confirmed that was why she was there, but he was fairly certain. When the thought of being rude did nothing to deter his amusement—apparently what his presence did to her tickled his funny bone—he turned to the barperson and ordered a drink.

‘Can I get you one?’

‘I don’t want to owe you one, so no, thank you.’

He tsked. ‘That’s not very mature, Alexa.’

‘Maturity is for the weak,’ she muttered under her breath.

He didn’t bother hiding his grin this time, but paid for his drink before he replied. ‘I don’t agree with that.’

‘Why would you, Benjamin?’ she said with a sigh. ‘I said it. On principle, you can’t agree with me lest you seem weak.’


‘It means to avoid the risk of.’

‘I know what it means. I’m wondering why you said it.’

She sighed again, as though he were chopping up the last of her patience. Which was probably true. They’d known one another for eight years now. Or perhaps it would be better to say they’d known about one another for eight years. They didn’t know one another, not by a long shot. They had only gone to the Culinary Institute together, the current venue of their meeting, and met on and off in the six years after that.

Whenever they did, they rubbed each other up the wrong way. It caused a friction so intense that sometimes Benjamin struggled to figure out how he felt about her. On the one hand, she never backed down, said interesting things like lest, and made him laugh. On the other hand, she was his greatest competition.

Who could be friendly with the competition?

If you like the sound of this, HER TWIN BABY SECRET will be out in February. You can pre-order the book here.

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