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Review: Captain Amberton’s Inherited Bride by Jenni Fletcher

By now you know I’m a big fan of Jenni Fletcher’s writing. Her warmth and passion for history shines in each of her books. When I’m reading a Jenni Fletcher novel, I know I’m going to learn something. I also know that I’ll be dealing with an Alpha male who needs redemption, and a heroine who does so effortlessly. Captain Amberton’s Inherited Bride is no different.

Captain Amberton’s Inherited Bride by Jenni Fletcher

If you read The Convenient Felstone Marriage, the first in Jenni’s Victorian Whitby series, you’ll be familiar with the heroine of this book, Violet. For years, Violet has been living under the control of her father. Upon his death, his will dictates that she marry. Though Violet refuses to let her father control her from the dead, her future husband has a proposal for her. If she marries him, he’ll give her her freedom…

Our Hero: Captain Lance Amberton

Of course, Lance isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He needs Violet’s inheritance to rebuild the Amberton name. And he’s willing to deal with the feisty Violet – the woman he blames for complicating his life tremendously – to do so.

I won’t lie, at the beginning of this novel, I was pretty unimpressed with Lance. He went from being a charming Alpha in the Prologue to a pretty unlikeable man in the first few chapters. But Jenni makes this tolerable by not pairing him with a shrinking violet (haha, see what I did there?). And as the book continues, we realise the extent of Lance’s pain, and are well invested in his redemption…

Our Heroine: Violet Harper

I loved Violet. She has zero time for anyone’s nonsense since she’s dealt with nonsense all her life. It was a pleasure seeing Violet grow into herself – literally, too, since her father controlled her diet (!) and she was quite small as a result. We are treated to Violet and Lance falling in love in a charming way, breaking through each other’s defences and supporting each other as they deal with the hurts of the past.

The Short-and-Sweet of It

If you love grumpy Alphas who need redemption, and heroines who force them into finding it while finding themselves, Captain Amberton’s Inherited Bride is the perfect book for you!


“Marry me…
and you’ll have your freedom.”

Her father’s will dictates Violet Harper must wed or be disinherited—yet she’d rather face the wilderness of the wintry Yorkshire moors than be bound to cynical, damaged soldier Captain Lance Amberton. Lance promises a marriage of convenience that will grant Violet her independence. In exchange, she must put her faith in Lance and see beyond his gruff exterior to the man beneath…

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