Three TV Couples Who Prove That True Love Exists

Television series are unpredictable, so they aren’t generally my go-to for romance or true love. (Not that you’re surprised, considering that I’m a romance novelist). But sometimes television shows get it right and give you couples who stay with you even if the show has ended. Because I think these shows need to be rewarded, I’m sharing my favourite TV couples with you – in order – in this post. This post include spoilers, so if you aren’t up to date with these shows, you might want to bookmark this to read later ?

1. Pam and Jim from The Office

A mockumentary about the daily lives of office workers might not be the first place you’d think to look for romance. It wasn’t mine either, but my husband, in his infinite wisdom (hi babe!), encouraged me to watch The Office because he thought I might like it.  He was right. I enjoyed this comedy series for many reasons, but the main one is Jim and Pam’s storyline.

I can’t tell you how happy watching Pam and Jim fall in love made me. They’re both incredibly goofy, likeable and relatable characters. You root for them, individually and as a couple, throughout the nine seasons of The Office, even if you aren’t a romance fan. And if you are a fan, you’ll relish watching Jim and Pam celebrate their relationship milestones (my heart still melts thinking of their wedding and the birth of their first child).

Part of the reason their relationship resonates is because they’re so relatable. They make you, the viewer, feel like their kind of love – strong, sacrificial, sweet, fun – can happen to little ol’ you, too. If I could write just one book that makes a reader feel like I felt watching Pam and Jim in The Office, I’ll be a very happy author.

2. Jane and Michael from Jane the Virgin

Okay, yes, the premise for Jane the Virgin is a little ridiculous . Jane, a virgin, is artificially inseminated during a routine visit to her gynaecologist and falls pregnant. But this didn’t put me off because as a romance author, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways of presenting traditional tropes, and I respect this show for its originality.

That’s beside the point though.

I fell in love with Jane and Michael as the show progressed. At first, I wasn’t entirely thrilled by Michael’s character who wasn’t quite supportive when he found out Jane was pregnant. But the show does an incredible job of making you see Michael’s perspective, and I found myself softening toward him. I mean, finding out your virgin girlfriend is pregnant with some other (hot) guy’s baby would make any guy uncomfortable.

It would also test any relationship.

It’s because of the trials that Jane and Michael face that secure them a place on this list. Both characters are lovely and their journey to being happy after the baby bomb is endearing. (The show also treats Jane’s dream of becoming a romance author as completely legitimate, which immediately earns my appreciation.) I was rooting for their happily ever after and was almost as crushed as Jane was (I said almost!) when Michael died. As with all great romances though, they will always have a special place in my heart.

3. Jack and Rebecca from This is Us

I’m sure you’ve heard about This is Us by now. Each episode of this series is an emotional rollercoaster, one I might not have wanted to go through if it wasn’t for the main couple of this show. We meet Jack and Rebecca on Jack’s birthday – and, as it happens, on the day Rebecca gives birth to their triplets. The range of emotion in this first episode of the show immediately had me invested in Rebecca and Jack’s relationship.

As the season progressed, I fell in love with the humour and heart the couple raise their children with. I also love how wonderful a father Jack is. Most of the time, he’s also an incredible husband. Despite his flaws – or maybe because of them – I think he’s the perfect romantic hero. And honestly, I like to think that the heroes I write would be the type of father Jack is when they become parents.

What do you think about these couples? Do you have a couple to add? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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