24_The Millionaire's Redemption Excerpt

The Millionaire’s Redemption Excerpt

For those of you who’ve liked my Facebook page, you’ll know I’ve been sharing snippets of my August release, The Millionaire’s Redemption. I’ve posted what I have on Facebook here now, and will update it next week with the full first chapter. Enjoy! The Millionaire’s Redemption ‘AND THE SOLUTION you’ve come up with is marriage?’ Read More

17_Two Simple Questions That Will Help You Create Sensual Tension

Two Simple Questions That Will Help You Create Sensual Tension

I’ve been fully immersed in writing in the last few months. More so than usual, as I’ve essentially had to write two books in two months. (Thank you, I appreciate your condolences 😉 .) It’s meant that I’ve spent a lot of time creating tension between my hero and heroine. And because I write romance Read More

Africa Online Book Fair Cover

The Africa Online Book Fair: 2-4 June 2017

I’m so excited to share that I will be a part of the Africa Online Book Fair! It’s the first of its kind, and a chance for African romance authors – or authors who set their romances in Africa – to share more about themselves and their books. Here’s a quick overview what you need Read More

13_Two Tips on Making Your Secondary Characters Count

Two Tips on Making Your Secondary Characters Count

When I started writing my first romance novel, getting 50 000 words down was intimidating. Because I didn’t know any better, I used whichever device I could think of to add to my word count. So, I wasn’t entirely surprised when feedback of my earlier works highlighted those devices as crutches (which they were). As it turned Read More


Three Characteristics Your Alpha Male Has To Have

Alpha males are integral in romance novels. They’re the ones who makes your heart beat faster, your toes curl and your stomach flutter with excitement. These heroes can be quite difficult to write, but I’ve managed to pinpoint at least three characteristics your alpha male has to have. 1. Your Alpha has to be attractive Read More