A Valentine’s Day in the Life of a Romance Author

In A Marriage Worth Saving, my hero and heroine meet at a Valentine’s Day event. She’s an event planner, and she’s arranging the event for the hero at his vineyard. It’s utterly romantic. Stars twinkle above them in the sky; there’s wine and great food; a movie; live entertainment. It’s the kind of event that Read More

Five of the Best Romances of 2017 by New Authors

It’s that time of year again when the best books of 2017 are announced. Some amazing romances novels have formed part of these lists, and rightly so. However, what these lists tend to miss is new authors. I understand why, and by no means am I saying books should appear on lists when they don’t Read More

What Jane the Virgin Taught Me About Romance Novels

I’ve said before that I prefer romance novels over television shows. And while that’s still true, I have to mention the except to this rule: Jane the Virgin. Now, if every show was as compelling as Jane the Virgin is, perhaps I’d have a problem. (Or perhaps not, since I’m fairly certain the reason I Read More

Why The Mindy Project Made Me Love Romance Novels More

  The Mindy Project is one of the only television shows that characterises itself as a romantic comedy. Since I consider myself to be somewhat of a romance connoisseur, I can confirm that it is. In fact, besides Jane the Virgin, it might be the only show on television at the moment that actually resembles Read More

Three TV Couples Who Prove That True Love Exists

Television series are unpredictable, so they aren’t generally my go-to for romance or true love. (Not that you’re surprised, considering that I’m a romance novelist). But sometimes television shows get it right and give you couples who stay with you even if the show has ended. Because I think these shows need to be rewarded, I’m sharing Read More