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Two Things That Will Remind You Writing is Worth It

We’re all friends here, aren’t we? Yes, we are. (Unless you’re hate-reading this post – which, why? Love yourself and save your time! [I am really overestimating who reads my blog lol]) Anyway, since we’re friends, I’m going to speak candidly: writing is tough. There’s rejection and uncertainty and waiting – and waiting, and waiting – and often, you’ll forget writing is worth it. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, bookmark this post because it will. (I’m just being real with you. Because we’re friends.)

If it has happened – if it is happening – read this and let me remind you that writing is worth it.

(You have to do these two things though. Okay?)

The First Thing: Take a Break.

The romance industry is fast paced. People are putting out books once a month, getting book deals what seems like every day, and you’re still staring at the tenth draft of the first book you’ve written. No judgement. Everyone has their own process. But if your process is slower than your peers, it can get in your head. It can make you feel inadequate, or make you feel pressured. Suddenly your productivity is slowing and you’re staring at your draft wondering why you’re bothering.

This is when you take a break. A breather.

From the writing; from social media. It’s important for you to remember there’s a world outside of the romance industry. Maybe you like watching TV. Maybe you play with your pets. Or maybe you realise your writing doesn’t define you. Because we forget. We get sucked into the fast pace and we forget. So here’s a reminder: we are more than what we write. We are more than our careers. We have people who love us, who don’t give a damn about what we’re writing. And a break helps us remember it.

The Second Thing: Read a Good Book.

It’s the reason you started writing, isn’t it? You read a good book, you got a giddy feeling inside, and you realised you wanted to make someone else feel that way, too. But when’s the last time you actually read? Not out of obligation, or because you are a martyred reader (my term for people who have to finish a book even though they’re not enjoying it), but because you wanted to. So, when you think writing isn’t worth it, find a good book. Remind yourself of that giddy feeling. Remind yourself writing is worth it.

Because it is – simply because you enjoy doing it. The rest shouldn’t matter nearly as much as that. If it does, reread this post until it doesn’t 😉

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