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Book Rec: Scoring with the Wrong Twin by Naima Simone

I’m not sure how I heard about Naima Simone. No, wait – that’s a lie. I do know. My Twitter timeline is full of readers recommending her books. Since recommendations happen fairly frequently in Romancelandia, I didn’t pay too much attention. Then, I read an article Naima Simone wrote about diversity in publishing. After a mandatory period of mourning (diversity in publishing is depressing, okay), I went to buy the book Naima said people weren’t supporting, likely because of the black man on the cover.

Yes, this man. This very, extremely, amazingly attractive man.

I won’t say more on this issue, because I’m salty about people judging a book by its cover. More specifically, about people judging the book by the cover model on its cover. Besides, this is a happy post because this book was worth every penny I spent on it.

SCORING WITH THE WRONG TWIN by Naima Simone is one of the hottest books I’ve read.

Granted, erotic romance isn’t my go-to, but I’ve definitely read them and none of them stand out in my mind. SCORING WITH THE WRONG TWIN however, does. Sophia’s twin sister is a model, and she needs Sophia to cover for her at a shoot. Sophia reluctantly agrees, and meets the gorgeous football player, Zephirin. Except he doesn’t know that Sophia is Sophia. When they start their affair, Zeph has one rule inspired by a bad break-up: no lies. Knowing he’d be upset that she deceived him, Sophia weaves her web of deception larger, losing her heart in the process.

The chemistry between the characters leapt off the page.

Even before Sophia and Zeph sleep together, they set the page on fire. One of the most memorable scenes in the book for me was during the photoshoot. Sophia gets on her knees in front of Zeph, and they lock eyes. Naima explores the sensuality in this moment beautifully. And the emotional connection adds another layer to the sensuality of this book, so that at the end, I was glad that both the hero and heroine got some, but also that they got together ?

SCORING WITH THE WRONG TWIN is not a book you want to miss. Here’s the link so you don’t have to.

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3 thoughts on “Book Rec: Scoring with the Wrong Twin by Naima Simone

  1. I love all the books in this series. Naima writes some of the best heroines. I’m going to go out on a limb any say all of her books are amazing. Granted, I haven’t read all of her Entangled Scorched books. I think they’re hotter than hot, and just a little too much for me. But still.

    1. The next book in this series is in my TBR pile for this very reason. I really think Naima is amazing. Although I agree about the hotter ones – maybe I’m not ready for that yet 😉