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Why 2018 Will Be My Year of Growth

Happy 2018, readers!

I took a break for three weeks, and then got back to work last week and realised that I wanted to post here on Mondays instead of Fridays like I had last year. So, while I started working last Monday (I’m already deep in work: I have one book to edit, one book to lengthen, and one book to write before April. Good wishes accepted.), today is 2018’s first official post. (Woohoo!) And because it’s a new year, and last year, I told you about my plan to be grateful, I thought I’d share my plan for this year: why 2018 will be my year of growth.

I should probably do a review of 2017 first.

My year of gratitude did a lot to steady me. It anchored me in my dreams, helped me realise where I am (and how far I’ve come to get here) and made me realise where I’d like my career to go. I try daily to be grateful. I keep a gratitude journal, do daily affirmations, and note down nice things people say about my writing (thanks, guy!) Last year’s blog post kept me accountable (in the same way that this one will), and now, I’m looking forward to 2018.

I should also mention that I laughed at myself after thinking about what I wanted my 2018 to look like. Growth comes whether you want it to or not.

Or rather, opportunities for growth come whether you want it to or not.

More often than not, I’m resistant to these opportunities. They cause me a lot of anxiety, and so I have to figure out whether to take them. Often this decision is based on the level of anxiety it causes me. It’s a complicated process, but it’s one I’m ready for in 2018. Especially since I have plans for 2018! No doubt they’ll provide opportunities for growth. And for this year, I’m going to be open to accepting more of these opportunities, and facing them bravely (because I will be terrified).

Part of this – and the growth – will involve clinging to my support systems.

I have an incredible set of writing friends, some whom I’ve met recently, others who I’ve known for a while. And as I’ve made these friends and opened up to them, I’ve realised that it’s easier to face growth when you have people at your side. They help you to figure out whether the pain is necessary. If it is, they gently nudge you toward it, holding your hand as you step ahead. If it isn’t, they’ll support you in your decision to step away.

So, while growth might be painful, I have the right medicine to get me through the pain. Either way, I think 2018 is going to be a great year!

Your support means the world to me, so help me give you what you want or need. If you have anything you’d like me to write about during 2018, let me know here or on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll add it to my blog planner for the year!

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