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How To Regroup After Writing That Book

I’ve spent the last six weeks writing two books for Harlequin. That’s 100 000 words in a short span of time. When I sent the second book through to my editor, I had no idea what to do with myself. I spent the first hour after clicking send wondering whether I should move on to the next project or take some time for myself. I thought about the weekends I had spent writing, and about how I had essentially burnt myself out for six weeks. But still, I wondered whether I had any right to relax. Of course, I did. And so do you. But since sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to take time for ourselves, here are four reasons to regroup after writing that book.

You Deserve at Least One Day Off

You’ve been working on this project for ages, and now that it’s over, you deserve a day off. Yes, I know, there’s washing to do, and rooms to be cleaned. I know there’s another project to be written or there’s admin to be done. But you know what? All of that will still be there tomorrow. Today, you can afford to take one day for yourself. It’s just one day. And you’ve been working non-stop for (*insert appropriate number here). You deserve to take a day.

Remind Yourself Why You Love Writing

Sometimes, when I’m deep into a project, I forget that I love to write. It becomes a job, an obsession, and just like other jobs – and other obsessions – it can become tiring. Now that you’re done, you should do something that reminds you of why you love to write. For me, this means reading a good book. So, on my day off, I’ll read one of my favourite authors to help get me excited about creating again.

Because what better way of reminding yourself why you love to write than reading something good that’s been written?

It might not be reading for you. Instead, you might turn to a good movie, or series. Or you might take a walk outside, or spend time with loved ones. Anything that inspires you, that motivates you, is fine. Enjoy it.

Spend Time with the People You’ve Neglected

When I have a deadline, I tend to ignore that there’s a world outside of the one I’ve created. I generally don’t make any plans, and only go out with my husband when I need a temporary break. This means that I neglect a lot of the relationships in my life. Relationships I cherish. So, when I’m no longer in the deadline haze, I make time to spend with those I love. You should do the same. Catch a movie, have coffee, or plan a girl’s night out. Do anything that will help you reconnect with those around you. It’ll anchor you, and give you a push to move forward.

Take a Moment to Think About Where You Want to Go Next

You’ve channeled a lot of time and energy into one project, and sometimes, your other plans might have fallen by the wayside because of that focus. Before you rush on to the next one, take a moment to recognise where you are and where you’d like to be. And then make plans to get there. It’s easier to do between projects, and it’ll probably make you feel even more motivated to tackle your next project knowing where you’re headed.

You deserve some time for yourself and to think about your future. And in case you needed permission to do so, here you go ?

Can you take a break between writing project? What do you do during that time? Share it in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!