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Three Titbits About A Marriage Worth Saving

Yesterday, my second book, A Marriage Worth Saving, came out (woohoo!). In honour of its release, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes titbits about how I came to write this wonderfully emotional book.

1. The idea for A Marriage Worth Saving came from a very personal place

A Marriage Worth Saving is about a couple who suffer the traumatic loss of a child and now have to deal with the effects it had on their relationship. I started writing this book last year, after members of my family went through similar experiences. It was an awful time, and made me see how difficult it was to suffer through this very unique kind of pain. My heart broke, especially as I watched them realise life around them wouldn’t stop just because their lives had stopped.

But I also saw their strength. I saw them pick up the pieces of their lives and face forward.

And though they were facing a heart-breaking future, they still looked forward. The entire experience – the pain, the strength – was such an emotional one that I found myself writing this story without fully realising why. It was only long after it was written that I realised this book was the way I’d given reason to something that didn’t really have any.

This book is dedicated to their strength. To the strength of love. Because I truly believe that no matter what you’re going through, love can heal ❤

2. A Marriage Worth Saving is set in one of my favourite places in Cape Town

Stellenbosch is a stunning little university town I drove to every day for four years while studying. Though it was about a thirty-minute drive, it barely felt that long because of how beautiful the scenery is. Stellenbosch is surrounded by the Cape Winelands. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful vineyards and the striking colours they boast during different seasons.

As the book takes place in autumn, the descriptions of the reds, oranges and browns are really what you’d experience if you were there. Much like my heroine, Mila, I fell in love with Stellenbosch as soon as I drove the curved road that led to the centre of the small town. I’m excited to share this beautiful place with you. And that you’ll get to see it through Mila and my hero, Jordan’s eyes. (Mostly because I’ve written them to love the place just as much as I do. Writers are selfish creatures!)

3. The Valentine’s Day event where Mila and Jordan meet is based on one of my dates…

My husband isn’t entirely a fan of Valentine’s Day. I don’t mind this because he’s pretty romantic throughout the year. But since I’d never had a proper Valentine’s Day before him, we agreed to celebrate it…. on one condition. That each year, we would alternate who planned our Valentine’s Days. During one of my turns (because I’m awesome), we went to an ‘Under the Stars’ event much like the one Mila and Jordan meet at. It was incredibly romantic, so naturally, it ended up in a book! ?

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4 thoughts on “Three Titbits About A Marriage Worth Saving

    1. Thanks, Patricia! It’s so therapeutic for writers, I think 🙂 Congratulations on your release, too! Can’t wait to read it

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I like sharing them. They make me feel closer to my readers 😉 I hope your copy gets to you soon! xx