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Where Do Writers Get Their Inspiration? Romance Authors Weigh In!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about where I get my inspiration as an author. Because I wanted to offer you more than just my opinion, I’ve asked some of my romance author friends to share where they find inspiration for their books, too. Here’s what they had to say:

April Arrington

Harlequin Western Romance Author

Everyday life is my greatest source of inspiration. I’ve gathered lots of character quirks by observing others in my day job. And a routine trip to the grocery store sparked the creation of the heroine in my first book, Twins for the Bull Rider.

“What-ifs” are also great for generating new ideas. This type of questioning helped develop the plot for my third book, The Bull Rider’s Cowgirl. But the best technique I’ve found so far is closing the laptop, sitting back and daydreaming for a while. That’s when the good stuff shows up! 🙂

April’s latest book, The Bull Rider’s Cowgirl, is available now! You can visit her website for more information on her books, or get in touch with her on Twitter or Facebook.

Jen Gilroy

Grand Central Forever Romance Author

For me, story ideas are everywhere. They’re in conversations overheard in shops and on public transport. They’re in my small-town life, and the people, places and experiences that have shaped me. I observe, listen and let go of expectations to wonder why, what if and what was it like? I also read to learn from other authors. And when I’m stuck? I turn to notebooks where I’ve jotted story ideas, and folders holding pictures and articles clipped from newspapers and magazines. I’m a writer in the world, and my stories are inspired by the warmth and richness of human experience.

Jen’s debut book, The Cottage at Firefly Lake, is available now! Visit her website for more on her upcoming books or find her on Twitter or Facebook!

Andrea Bolter

Harlequin Romance Author

While stories across different styles of literature might unfold over vast spans of time or oceans, romance novels generally have the hero and heroine together on the page. That’s the first, and logistical, thought I have about finding inspiration. What story would force these people together? In my Harlequin Romance debut, Her New York Billionaire, two strangers both think they have use of the same apartment.

The next point for inspiration might be in what prevents them from becoming a couple. Usually some deep-seated hurt from the past that they haven’t yet overcome. Then there’s setting. I love to escape to the sights and sounds the characters are experiencing. And I’m a city girl, so every day, all around me, people are breaking up while others are falling in love – so many stories to tell!

Andrea’s debut book, Her New York Billionaire, will be out September 2017! You can pre-order it now, and get in touch with her on Twitter or Facebook.

Jenni Fletcher

Harlequin Historical Romance Author

I used to think that characters came first for me, but I’ve gradually realised that most of my inspiration comes from places. I love visiting ruins and old houses, and I can wander around castles for hours just getting a sense of the past. The rational part of me knows that previous centuries weren’t any more romantic (quite the opposite in most cases, and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be born in an era before antibiotics and equal rights!), but the feeling of it can be – all those ideas of chivalry and courtly love and, okay, the gorgeous dresses. Places can re-evoke that feeling and that’s what I aim to capture in my stories.

Jenni’s debut book, Married to Her Enemy, is available now! You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her website for the latest news on her books.

Thanks to April, Jen, Andrea and Jenni for sharing where they find the inspiration for their books! Where do you find your creative inspiration? Share it with us in the comments or on social media!



3 thoughts on “Where Do Writers Get Their Inspiration? Romance Authors Weigh In!

  1. Thanks for inviting me to contribute to this post, Therese. It’s great to learn from other authors. When it comes to writing inspiration, there are similarities as well as differences. I’m particularly struck by Jenni’s comment about getting ‘a sense of the past’ in old places. I’m just about to start reading her debut release and that ‘feeling’ she mentioned will shape my reading.