Falling in Love with Fictional Characters

Falling in love with fictional characters. It’s happened to the best of us. You’re innocently watching a show or reading a book, and you realise you’d much rather be in that world than your own. And who could blame you? Fictional men are *sometimes so much better than the real thing.

Take the cute genius Dr Spencer Reid from TV’s Criminal Minds




How can you resist that face? Or his social awkwardness and incredible intelligence? Of course, also, you know, the way he stops bad guys from hurting people…




Or the handsome Dr Jackson Avery from TV’s Grey’s Anatomy





On the show, he is a genuinely good guy. Dr Avery cares about his patients and was a fantastic partner to his wife. Those eyes don’t hurt though…




Then there’s Sam Heughan – excuse me – Jamie Fraser from the TV and book series Outlander




One of my best memories from the series is when Jamie tells his wife, Clare, that no matter what happens, he will always love her (swoon!). He is one of the best literary Alphas. The extent to which he is willing to sacrifice and endure for his true love is wonderful.

(This choice had absolutely nothing to do with how Sam Heughan – I mean – Jamie Fraser looks onscreen).


Lastly, we have the best TV has to offer: Coach Taylor from TV’s Friday Night Lights



I dare any woman to tell me they don’t want a man like Coach Taylor.  Because honestly, who wouldn’t want someone who loved you enough to sacrifice an amazing opportunity for your happiness? Someone who supports you. Who treats you well. And who makes you happy…



Of course, I have a long list of fictional men from books who make this list. Sadly, no-one has created a database for us to find pictures of these men (someone should definitely get on that 😉 ). But fortunately, we have those pictures in our minds. And they’ll keep us happy and in love until the right men come along in reality!

*I love my husband dearly and he is better than any fictional character 🙂

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