My Writing Journey

Ten Things I Will Laugh at When I’m a Best-Selling Author

1.       Assuming I’ll be a best-selling author

2.       Worrying about other authors’ opinions of me

3.       Worrying about whether my editor likes me – she probably does, right? (if not, add to contract)

4.       Social media (by now, I will have someone to guide me, and don’t have to worry about my posts getting no likes or favourites, or about sounding silly)

5.       Bad reviews – I will embrace what I can and brush off the rest (does that sound too much like I’m trying to convince myself?)

6.       Worrying about whether my books will be read

7.       Worrying about whether I’ll get another book contract

8.       Too much worrying

9.       Thinking I need to know everything at the beginning of my writing career

10.   Writing this post before my first book has been released

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